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They revolve around a particular character who is the source of the main story, namely Lucy and Andy in I Love Lucy and the Andy Griffith Show respectively. They are both comedies and received good ratings during their time. I…
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Compare and contrast The Andy Griffith Show and I Love Lucy
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Download file to see previous pages There are no crimes for Andy to solve, and most of his work involves mediating, philosophizing and calming his cousin Deputy Barney. On the other hand, I love Lucy is the daily life story of a couple, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. The two are married and bring out the contradiction in intercultural marriages that were quite strange at the time of this show. Lucy is an American woman whereas Ricky is a Cuban man. Lucy is a housewife and undergoes many funny and weird occurrences in her life. She makes many mistakes and Ricky is always excited when this happens as he gets a chance to correct her. The couple lives a real married life that also involves sensational moments aside from the funny occurrences that occur often. The couple lives in a simple home in a neighborhood that is filled with friendly people in terms of neighbors.
The pace of the I Love Lucy show is fast and jovial, with neighbors moving from door to door without having to knock. The environment they live in and the lives they live allow them to interact freely and with ease. The pace of the show is lively through the musical performances by Ricky Ricardo. Lucy attempts to join some of these dances so as to enjoy them with her husband. This rather quick pace contradicts that of the Andy Griffith Show. This show is characterized by a slow pace that can be described as sleepy. This pace is because the life of Andy is not marked by crimes and subsequent investigations that make up the ordinary life of a Sheriff. He spends his time meditating and talking to his cousin Barney. He also solves problems with neighbors and gains a lot of popularity in the neighborhood.
The setting of the I Love Lucy show is in the 1950s. It depicts a good environment in a black and white show. This film is set in an American environment that still finds it strange to have Americans married to non-Americans. Lucy’s husband is a Cuban, and couple shows the possibility ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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