Social media and it's affects on teens - Research Paper Example

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This is a critically important issue because in addition to distracting students from academic learning, excessive indulgence in social media also creates many kinds of…
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Social media and its affects on teens
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Download file to see previous pages The study seeks to register myriad problems spawned by excessive social media use like body image complex, poor performance in schools, limited interaction with family etc. in hopes to solve them. These problems will be solved by analyzing how limited exposure to social media benefits teenagers in context of psychological and emotional development and academic performance. Local teenagers will be included in the study as research participants. In addition to that, past and contemporary research studies on the subject of relationship between social media and teenagers will also be scrutinized to find out what they have to say regarding the scope of this problem.
The research study aims to accentuate the reality of this growing problem that social media use urges teenagers to fit themselves into an ever narrowing ideal of physical beauty. Our society is quite merciless when it comes to the subject of physical appearance and growing social media use has only served to aggravate this problem for teenagers. It is no hidden reality that this impossible kind of social ideal is impressed upon our teenage population by social media. People have developed a habit of posting self-promoting selfies on their social media webpages to show others how well they are doing physically (Briggs, 2014). This kind of trend generated by social media affects teenagers the most because they have highly impressionable minds. By going online, these teenagers find “an endless supply of people to whom they can compare themselves” (Steiner-Adair, cited in Johnson, 2014). This is why social media has a potential to cast a shattering effect on teenagers’ body image. Resulting emotional turmoil can be enough to distract them from their studies and other social obligations. Research also confirms that the US social media environment is sexually charged. Females suffer even more than males in this regard as social media works to objectify girls’ appearance (Steyer, 2012, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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