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People who care about the Earth - Term Paper Example

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While most people are not concerned about environmental conservation and preserving our planet, there are few individuals who are interested and have dedicated their live to preserving the planet and to address major issues like development of biogas systems and solar power…
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People who care about the Earth
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Download file to see previous pages Compared to other biogas plant system, for example, the one that uses dung and sewerage, the system that uses food waste is pro- active since a small amount of food waste produces a lot of energy and only in a shorter period of time compared to the other conventional biogas system that uses dung and sewerage which requires up to over one month to complete the reaction and produce electrical energy (Pimm and Thomas 14).
To be precise, two kilograms of food waste takes around 24 hours to complete the reaction after which approximately 500g of energy are produced in the form of methane. This invention of ARTI Biogas plant clearly indicates that it is the most efficient biogas system as it produces results with over approximately 800 times as efficient compared to other biogas systems (Bill 50). A brief history of people who invented the solar system includes Alexandre Edmond, who was instrumental in explaining how electricity can be harvested from sunlight (Frankham, David and Jonathan 46).
Russell Ohl came later and invented the solar cell. The panel composed of particular metals which would emit electrons after being hit by direct sunlight. The electrons then flow through a conductor that then creates electricity. The use of solar power through the use of sunlight is increasingly efficient since it generates a lot of electricity without posing a threat to the universe through waste emissions and pollution. Solar panels are also considered efficient since they have a long lifespan meaning that it is quite reliable (Bill 56).
Another individual who has contributed to conserving the planet is Tom Krimigis. Tom spent over 45 years of inventing and exploring the solar system. Tom even went ahead and won an achievement trophy, the National Air and Space Museum’s Trophy, which is currently the highest museum’s honor. Tom was highly instrumental in coming up with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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People Who Care about the Earth Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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