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Social Activism and Taiwan Sunflower Movement - Essay Example

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The reporter underlines that early last year, a group of protesters marched to the Taiwan legislature and occupied the building for 23 days. Moreover, they agitated against the government intends to approve a trade pact with China…
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Social Activism and Taiwan Sunflower Movement
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Download file to see previous pages The movement also served to advance Taiwan democracy by allowing the country’s citizen to decide on issues affecting them.
The movement revitalized the civil society of Taiwan and renewed the hope of Taiwan nationalities that had lost their hope. In addition, it united other Activists to a common cause who previously fought each other. Another indication of success was the fact that the sunflower movement became the primary focus of various international academic conferences. The issue of the protest kept on recurring in a number of activism discussion. It was argued that it effects would likely outlive its presence in the mainstream media (“Was Taiwan's Sunflower Movement Successful?”).
Student protesters who incited the masses to occupy the Taiwan legislature led the movement. In addition, 54 civic groups and a number of Non-Governmental Organization took part in the protest Thousands of Taiwanese showed their support and, as a result, it made headlines in the major news outlet. The movement was nothing like the Arab spring or other regime change movement. The students did not demand a regime change; they only asked the politicians to respect the public opinion. The public was against the government efforts to increase the ties with China. The movement was characterized by ideological speeches from various student leaders. The movement was named a sunflower movement by the Taiwanese media. The sun symbolizes people’s hopes for brighter days devoid of China economic influence in Taiwan. The tolerance showed by the Taiwanese police towards the protest was commendable as long as it remained a peaceful protest. The social media and the international media were abuzz with the activities of the protest. Songs, banners, vigils, and protest also characterized the Sunflower movement. The student protestors marched through the streets carrying banners and chanting Occupy Parliament. Following the student occupation of the Taiwan parliament, riot police evicted them out forcefully.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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