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Analyzing Martin Luther Kings' "A Letter from Bermingham Jail" - Essay Example

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The article “A Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King has attracted a lot of attention from the public due to its presentation of critical issues that have affected the black Americans in the US. Martin Luther King wrote the article as a response to his arrest…
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Analyzing Martin Luther Kings' "A Letter from Bermingham Jail"
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Extract of sample "Analyzing Martin Luther Kings' "A Letter from Bermingham Jail""

Download file to see previous pages While his idea that peaceful demonstrations are essential in exerting pressure on the government to pay attention to discrimination issues has been widely accepted, there are those who criticized the demonstrators for failing to give the government enough time to respond to the matters. From a critical point of view, there is evidence that Luther is right on the idea that the government has consistently ignored the plight of the black Americans and that peaceful demonstrations are crucial to push the government to look at these issues. This article seeks to analyze critically the arguments of Martin Luther King in his article in Birmingham jail.
Luther’s idea that discrimination is an urgent issue that the government has ignored for a long time is sound and has garnered a lot of support. The discrimination of black Americans in the US has been a serious issue for a long time. Evidently, the Blacks were discriminated in all areas including employment, courts, and other public areas. The victimization of Black Americans, referred to as “negroes,” was common as the authorities perceived this minority group as criminals. A good example is the case in Ferguson when a white police officer, Darren Wilson, shot an unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, after suspecting him as a potential criminal. Later, it was proved that the teenager was innocent, but the court justified the action of the white Policeman. The BlackLivesMatter movement points out that a black person is shot every 28 hours period by a white policeman and that more than 25 percent Black Americans live in abject poverty. These statistics support the idea of Luther that “justice too long delayed is justice denied” (2). From this angle, Martin Luther’s letter in Birmingham jail presents the true picture of the injustice perpetrated against blacks in the US.
Secondly, Luther presents the idea that the US government has been adamant to handle the issues of the Black people is debatable (4). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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