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Conference Organised by Beyond Zero Campaign - Assignment Example

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The paper "Conference Organised by Beyond Zero Campaign " describes that the beyond Zero Campaign target reducing maternal deaths, with its slogan “no mother should die while giving life”. The organization invites speakers from a wide range of disciplines to take part in the conference. …
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Conference Organised by Beyond Zero Campaign
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Download file to see previous pages Daniel Steel was one of the speakers. He is an expert in laboratory tests especially blood test.  Therefore, he was an important speaker bearing in mind that Beyond Zero Campaign fight blood loss during childbirth. As a media personality from Sky news, He gave me chance for an interview after he was through with the speech.
Steel is in his early forties and he is the C.E.O of blood test Clinix Company that is in Texas. The company involves itself in the business of blood testing. Medicine is not complete without blood analysis. When a doctor wants to check the status of your health such as to know the level of cholesterol or sugar in your body, blood testing must take place. The process usually requires needle and blood test tubes. The blood drawn from your veins into the test tubes go through testing in the laboratory by lab technicians. The biggest companies for blood testing in America are Quest and Laboratory Corporation of America. The two companies generate huge revenue and hence blood analysis is a lucrative business and steel was here not only to speak at a conference but also to drive his agenda of opening blood testing centres in Africa. “It is not expensive to test blood. It can be done fast and easily when the right tools are used”. Steel told his audience. While in the conference, he had worn his working uniform to sound more convincing. He spoke systematically that everyone understood him.
He started blood test Clinix Company with other medics 10 years ago at his young age of 23. Since then, the company has done well in the business and has developed many blood test methods. With only a drop or two, you discover many health conditions, whether cancer or any other. The blood centre is doing all it can to avail their blood test services to many hospitals. The idea of doing this is the help those who are far from the blood testing centre. Blood samples from the patient go from the hospital to the clinix lab. Discussions are underway for clinix to collaborate with as many hospitals as possible.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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