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Symposium Reflection - Essay Example

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Though generally the podcast concerned communication the interview was dedicated to a very specific and delicate topic which is often avoided by society - after sex talks. The interviewee was the researcher who dedicated most of her time and efforts to studying different aspects…
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Symposium Reflection
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Download file to see previous pages The speaker concentrated on the necessity and the importance of such type of communication as “pillow talk”. Amanda explained that in her research she connects this state after orgasm, when the level of Oxytocin which is often called a hormone of happiness, with the increased level of intimacy and security people may experience. This physiological state is very important and if couples learn to open up to each other in such moments it can benefit their relationships in general. Unfortunately, in modern culture people are taught to pay little attention to “pillow talks” because they can be too intimate and often regarded as redundant. Moreover, Amanda criticizes the present state of things and explains that in a men`s world, a pick up artists` world in particular, much attention is dedicated to the conversation that precedes sex and it seems that the intercourse is the final goal. While in reality sex can only be a basic level of good relationships and only meaningful communication can bring it to a new level.
The topic which Amanda Dees raises in her research looks extremely important to me because paradoxically all adult people have sex but only a small number of them are able to talk about it freely with their partners. People still feel that this is one of taboo topics and any information on it must be kept privately or delivered with the help of hints even to their husbands and wives. This causes troubles for couples because they feel ashamed to explain each other their preferences, weaknesses, and fears, and this lack of communication on the most intimate topic provokes conflicts eventually. And it feels extremely right to make people understand that the conversations about sex and feelings are essential, natural, and moreover required for healthy relationships.
I think that if a person takes responsibility to have sex with another person he/she must at least ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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