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The interactional view theory - Essay Example

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The film is about the complexity of love and the struggles that individuals have to endure to experience love. A striking concept about the film was that despite the dramas and…
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The interactional view theory
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Download file to see previous pages The interaction view theory was developed by Paul Watzlwick, a scholar in family studies who developed detailed therapies concerning miscommunication in family units. The main aim behind the theory development was to study the interaction of family units and occurrence of miscommunication problems within the family that may arise in different situations. Basically, there are five main concepts under interaction view theory that Watzlwick developed in studying miscommunication within families. The concepts are that as a family it is impossible not to communicate, and that communication is determined by the relationships between members of a group. Moreover, the theory postulates that relationships are developed through punctuation and that any communication has to be either digital or analogic. The last concept of the theory is that communication may either be complementary or symmetrical (Griffin 186-191).
No one brings about the meaning and concepts of the interaction view theory better than the characters in the in the film stuck in love. In this film, parents have apparently split after the wife is caught cheating on the husband. Their two kids in the meanwhile live with their father while their mother has found a new husband with whom they live together. On one occasion, the daughter eventually finds her mom kissing her new husband notwithstanding she had not divorced with her dad. As a result, the daughter becomes furious with her mom and even refuses to speak to her. On the other hand, the daughter is still furious with her dad in that her father had refused to let her mother go through a divorce and had no plans of getting back together with her. Nevertheless, after the family members took time to reconsider their actions away from their controlling emotions, they come back to their senses and the family shows signs of improvement. Finally, the family is back ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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