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Writing for journalists(feature story- Valentines Day) - Article Example

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14th February will be on Sunday and most of the lovers all over the world have been waiting for this day to treat their lovers in a special way. The day is usually marked by ladies wearing all red…
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Writing for journalists(feature story- Valentines Day)
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Extract of sample "Writing for journalists(feature story- Valentines Day)"

Download file to see previous pages People in the fashion industry have the tendency of maximizing their profits by raising the prices of the products needed by their regular customers. In relation to the more awaited day, a study by the industrys trade group has approximated that about 150 million love and valentines cards are sold in the USA during this period.
The coming season is characterized by lots of people going for outs in open parks where they express their affections to one another and some even go an extent of proposing to their loved ones. The activities of the day will have an impact on the environment in several ways, the small pleasures that the people will engage themselves into will have some environmental impacts. The day should, therefore, have no reason for the match of emotions; therefore, it will not be a new thing for the dead tree greeting card to boost in its operations during this day. The pains that lover have had in the past vanish quickly and the circulation of the valentines cards usually goes on as nothing much has ever happened with lots of negligence of what happens to the environment through the celebration.
It becomes very difficult for an environmentalist to understand the reason lots of people and especially in the Americas risk paying a lot in terms of carbon tax by using the shiny cardboards in sending love notes to their lovers. The most annoying thing is that, lots of customers know the impacts of their activities and trying to tell them to stop the practices is as good as not telling them. In most of the advanced countries, the card manufacturing companies have made advances in designing carbon friendly valentine cards, the companies have insisted that they have come up with carbon- neutral cards because they have paid for enough carbon credits.
Having known the effects brought about by the events of the day to the environment, there are several things that I will advise those curious for the day to avoid doing, one of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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