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Who Are the Main Players in the Industry of Media and Communication - Essay Example

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This paper "Who Are the Main Players in the Industry of Media and Communication?" focuses on the main players in the film industry which are people with stakes in the film industry such as the media personalities, the actors and actresses as well as government. …
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Who Are the Main Players in the Industry of Media and Communication
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Download file to see previous pages The government will need to be paid taxes and ensure the content of the films is acceptable according to the number of years of the content observers know as audiences. The acceptance of the government is more of a blessing for the process than a bother as it will mean smoothening of the barriers to the industry (Mathur and Mathur, 2009).
For a long time, the Bollywood films were only available through videos and this limited the number of people able to obtain a copy and even that copy was easily destroyed. These days, however, the film industry has moved towards digitalization obtaining their own channels which have ensured that people across the world are able to watch as many films as possible. The films once released are placed on different internet sites where people can watch them online which are very convenient for most people (Wadley, 2013). All those ways are in addition to them being shown on cinemas on wide screens. With these strategies being placed, they have ensured that their distribution and consumption has expanded and continues to do so. In as far as production is concerned, actors and actresses have been joining the industry day and night which would explain the high number of Indian movies which are even more than the American ones.
The primary consumers of the Indian films are the tourists and the people of other nations. People in India are still dwelling on watching the movies in cinema and undermining as well as underappreciating their own talent. This leaves the primary consumers to be the international media and people. It is an open secret that the fame of the Indian films has spread far and wide and the western nations are seeking the directors to offer them locations to shoot their films at a discount.
Research indicates that nations such as France, Australia, Canada, Ireland and the even USA. The growing interest in Bollywood films and their popularity is what makes people increase their consumerism level (Mathur and Mathur, 2009). The films are loved because of their comics and humour as well as the incorporation of dance.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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