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It was one Thursday afternoon during a biology practical session. The instructor in charge had just arrived when I realized that I had forgotten to pick the day’s practical…
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Download file to see previous pages After sometime in class, a colleague realized that two of his new textbooks were missing. Since everybody was at the laboratory during the practical session, one of my close friends gave the suggestion that I am the one who might be responsible for the theft.
The case went before the principal and I had to appear before the disciplinary committee that imposed a punishment of two-week suspension from school on me. Besides the suspension, I was required to report back with three copies of each of the textbooks. I complied with the harsh punishment despite the fact that I was not responsible. Upon completion of the two weeks, I resumed my studies. After two weeks, a friend informed me that he had seen the books that I received punishment for at a mutual friends place. We hatched a plan to confirm the authenticity of the leakage. I planned an impromptu visit to the mutual friend’s and confirmed that indeed the books were there. He confessed and apologized.
The above case represents a situation of an individual who is on the wrong side and ready to ask for forgiveness. Being falsely accused and receiving punishment for a crime that you never committed is unjust. The situation created a conflict between me and my colleague as it was hard for me to accept that a close friend can actually turn against you to the extent of betrayal. The whole experience elicited strong hatred towards the colleague. The readiness of the colleague to accept his mistake and submit an apology hastened my recovery from depression. Forgiveness has enormous effects on the relationship between the offender and the offended. Sometimes, the person on the wrong is not ready to bend low and ask for forgiveness. When such cases arise, it is in order for the offended to forgive irrespective of the other party’s attitude. Forgiveness and reconciliation have many benefits. Forgiving is a source of self-relief for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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