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Case Study of The Deepwater Horizon Disaster - Essay Example

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This paper focuses on the challenges that decision makers experience during the process of developing and implementing ethical decisions, in the organizations. The ethical decision making process discussion is based on the case study of the deep water horizon oil spill and…
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Case Study of The Deepwater Horizon Disaster
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Download file to see previous pages decision makers have to consider several tensions; for instance, individuals against profits, or short against long term rewards, so as to account for the various decision points of the diverse stakeholders. The management of BP illustrated that the company the development and also safety of the societies in their areas of operation. Safety is achieved through aiming for minimal accidents and harm to individuals, and also minimal environmental damage.
Present companies generally explain that they serve the best interests of stakeholders. The companies stress the “triple bottom line” illustrating people, planet and then profits. These companies also emphasize good corporate citizenship in their societies, and ensure sustainability through safeguarding long term assets like environment and employees. But, this desired rhetoric cannot be achieved without the formulation of strategic decisions which reflects corporate social responsibility. Decisions illustrates where company rhetoric is transformed into practical reality, through implementation. Ethical decision making entails less complicated processes. Organizational structures or routines can develop organizational culture that render activities common sense, require less or no decisions. Company decisions are mainly among competing “goods” like short term against long term interests, proven systems against innovation, and reducing different categories of risks. This 2010 case study that analyzes deepwater horizon and Macondo well explosion, illustrates good example of ethical decision making complexities (Liu, 2011).
On 20th April, 2010, leaking gas and oil from the Macondo exploratory site reached the overhead deepwater rig, and resulted in an explosion, and eventually the well blowout. The explosion resulted in the death of 11 individuals, the injury of 16 people, and traumatizing experience of 99 survivors. The blowout discharged approximately 5 million oil barrels for more than 87 days. Several ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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