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Advocacy letter about sexual orientation - Essay Example

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Kindly consider this letter as one that we write to you with an objective of addressing how the topic of sexual orientation is taught in school as well as the lack of address that the topic has received so far.
In as such as sexual orientation is taught in school, we have…
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Advocacy letter about sexual orientation
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Download file to see previous pages Amongst this number included 17.5% of the students who were personal victims of the situation. We realize that part of what causes this problem is the fact that there is no adequate research or funding that can aid research on the sexual orientation area. There is, however, lots of talking and discussions about sexual orientation that goes on around the country. Though it might not be open to us to fully know the medical or scientific foundations that results to the sexual orientation of an individual, our system is already handling the discussion in such a way that its impact is quite vivid. Some of the students reactions I school can be seen as many of them do not feel safe due to their sexual orientation. This can be explained by the results of the survey on school safety that was carried out by an organization known as GLSEN in 2013. In this survey, it was proved that sexual orientation as a factor contributed to 55.5% of the LGBT students feeling unsafe at school. The same survey found out that, 37.8% of the students were felt unsafe at school due to their gender expression.
It is vividly clear that sexual orientation as an important concern to students is not being addressed in schools even as people continue to increase their awareness and education with regards to sex. This is a notion that needs to change.
It is understood that until now, this issue has not been addressed satisfactorily. There have been many misunderstandings about the issue that has made the topic extremely sensitive. The major source of misunderstandings is the national religious variations we have in the country. Quoting from the U.S Constitution, we have two fundamental principles that apply to all the public schools. The first amendment is about the separating church and the state and protection of the freedom of speech. The fourteenth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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