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Career Services - Essay Example

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Carolyn Thomas in her article “uncover the secrets of the hidden job market” sets out to disabuse the notion that some jobs are concealed waiting for selected few lucky graduates to find them. Her argument is based on the fact that jobs can be considered hidden when…
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Career Services
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Download file to see previous pages For hopeful employees, it is important to connect to a network through which they can get information about openings especially those that may not be advertised in mainstream media. In addition, volunteering is proposed as an effective way of improving ones chances of getting a job since they get a chance to create a rapport with the organisations and ultimately if there is an opening in the firm, they will likely be considered. While admitting that most graduates would prefer to earn a salary, volunteering is a way for them to work in a field that they are passionate about. This way, they can get these hidden jobs, which according to the writer are not really hidden after all, but just require creativity and sacrifice to get.
In my opinion, this is as close to the truth as it gets, people assume that the job market is saturated and even as they leave college, many are already pessimistic about their prospects. Others imagine that the jobs are only available for the lucky few. However as the writer says, luck in the job market has nothing to do with superstition or coincidence, quite on the contrary, luck is directly proportional to how hard one works or the extent to which they expose themselves to opportunities (Thomas). For example, a fresh graduate out of college will likely go online and start looking for positions that best match their paper qualifications. In many cases, one may have undergraduate and even a master’s degree in a field such as business management and they will actually expect to apply for managerial positions on the entry level for which they will generally be qualified to save for perhaps the experience part. However, most of them will be frustrated, as they will keep being passed over for positions. However, every once in a while one runs into a colleague who left college at the same time as they, 4 years after college and they have a good ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Career Services Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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