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Strategic communication is needed for consistent information activity in an organization. This exchange of information can be internal as well as with…
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Download file to see previous pages Political communication relates with the field of political science and focuses on strategic communication. Politicians need to use information to influence and persuade the public. They do it through media and through public speaking. The context of their information and persuasion is political. The media houses analyze the speeches of politicians and whoever influences the political dynamics of the country. Public discussions such as political talk shows about aspects such as allocation of public funds fall under this criteria.
Political campaigning has a lot to do with lobbying. Politicians are looking for direct responses from the public. The content, positioning, engagement and the knowledge of the audience are the key factors that distinguish a successful campaign from an unsuccessful campaign. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for running a successful campaign. The campaigns are created based on a context and knowing the audiences and the goals. Keeping in touch with the reality and not getting carried away with public opinion or the dreams and aspirations of one politician or an authority figure is a crucial factor in the success of the campaign. The strategy for this campaign needs to be very clear and should determine the outcome both in the long-term and the short term.
Multilevel models are statistical models that show variation of statistical data at more than two levels. I will employ a multilevel modeling in my studies to track my performance. I will also employ this form of modeling to study different aspects of the subject. Im specifically interested in random slope models as it will greatly help me in tracking my performance and studies. The benefit of using this model is the intercepts are fixed and it therefore I can effectively gauge the variable according to my need. To develop this model I will start with fixed coefficients such as the slopes and intercepts.
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