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Media and Dealing With Swine Flu - Personal Statement Example

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Since its inception, the media industry has played significant roles of strengthening the contemporary society and considered as watchdog through the information they provide. Generally, the role of…
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Media and Dealing With Swine Flu
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Download file to see previous pages According to Kumar (2014), media industries have also sought to expand information shared to audiences across national and subnational borders. The media were greatly involved in spreading information about the H1N1 virus that cause swine flu (Mesch et al., 2013). Swine flu can be detected from the signs and symptoms shown by individuals just like the common flu. Most media avenues such as newspapers and television networks spread the news about this virus immensely (Van-Tam & Sellwood, 2013). There are various risks associated with swine flu, according to information made public by the media. Some of the health risks associated with this type of flu include: asthma and diabetes. In this context, swine flu can worsen the conditions of people suffering from diabetes or asthma. Since the virus causes breathing problems, people with asthma can greatly be affected by this type of virus. Moreover, failures in the respiratory tracks of infected individuals could lead to death.
The media industry has also been greatly involved in warning people about against the swine flu disease. According to the United Kingdom newspapers, the media were actively involved in providing information to the public about the emergence of the disease (Social and Public Health Sciences Unit). Moreover, Frontline headlines in the newspapers were about the threats posed by the H1N1 virus that causes swine flu. Moreover, the research found that though the media coverage of this virus was immense, the information provided to the public domain was based on genuine scientific information (Hilton & Hunt, 2011). With such information, the public became aware and cautious about the flu.
On the other hand, some people thought the media exaggerated the news coverage concerning the spread of the virus. According to some media avenues such as the Guardian, the swine flu virus was hyped to be able to cause the deaths of up to one hundred ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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