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Digital business specific - about Facebook as a digital busibess - Case Study Example

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In the current period, facebook has become a major platform for business concerns. Through the facebook, seller can advertize…
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Digital business specific case study - Case study about Facebook as a digital busibess
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Download file to see previous pages The growth has been associated with the growth of mobile communication (McChesney & Robert, 2008). As compared to 2010’s 3%, currently 22% of US digital spending is in relation to mobile. Facebook Corporation as a digital company has grown and maintained its competitive capabilities. Taking into account that facebook corporation has competitors such as; Google, twitter, yahoo amongst others, its capabilities to attract and maintain consumers is high. The digital platforms are the major drivers and recipients of the growing mobile market.
As revealed by the forecast on the US emarket on the advertisement spending; the growth of mobile advertisement revenues at facebook has seen the social network to the point of being the second-largest digital ad seller. Facebook follows Google and the results are fully associated to the rapid growth of mobile usage. On global basis, facebook and Google are the top digital ad publishers. Facebook digital company has also brought about revolution in the journalism and media industry (McChesney & Robert, 2008). The number of social media tools in the current period are numerous and globally spread. The social media platforms affect directly journalism and the news media organizations. Technological advancements are currently rapidly growing, posing a challenge towards many industries with no exemption of corporation and news media. As the tradition before the emergence of facebook and other social media platforms, the news corporations and the government simply relayed information to the public. The information either read or listened to was the final stage. However, the satisfaction of such information to the people has not been optimum. The methods of dissemination were viewed as ‘tried-and-true’.
Technological advancements and the rise of the social media platform have seen the traditional model revolving (McChesney & Robert, 2008). In the current times, availing of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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