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Report---The Chinese-American Press - Book Report/Review Example

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The rapid explosion in the number of the Chinese immigrants fostered the demand for the development of Chinese – American journalism. The media articles however were influenced by the…
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Book report---The Chinese-American Press
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Download file to see previous pages The pioneer papers were printed using the crude technology. For instance, the weekly golden hills print was handwritten using Chinese brush. It was printed by lithography on a piece of paper which was folded midway. Some of the pioneer papers were sponsored by missionaries with a view to providing means for instruction to their subjects. These evangelists also used them as interesting channels for knowledge in matters religion. In their prints, the missionaries included columns in English to capture the non-Chinese audience. It was common for these early day prints to take off with vigor producing their papers daily, and then biweekly, triweekly and ultimately suffer extinction. Many factors occasioned this kind of irregularity. Illiteracy levels were high and this minimized clientele leading to diminished readership. This subsequently meant that the publishers could not meet their production costs thereby exiting the market.
Another major challenge of these papers was their lack of solid financial base. This pushed the publishers to rely on good will and financial subsidies. These were not dependable sources of financing to foster regular and consistent publishing. The publishers were, therefore, compelled to give up production at all or engage in sparing outputs. Most of these publications were dependent on the zeal and aggression of the publishers. They would concentrate on articles that appealed to them at the expense of catering for a wide readership interest. At times, some journals had to be suspended due to deteriorating health of a publisher. For example, the ‘oriental’ had to terminate publishing in 1856 when Reverent Speers, who was the editor in charge of the English section became ill. Articles were majorly translations, or modifications from the Chinese papers. The meager profits due to low circulation hampered the increase in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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