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Principles of PR and its role in Society - Essay Example

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The process also entails establishment and maintenance of organization’s public links and networks. PR plays an imperative role in the society thereby establishing a…
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Principles of PR and its role in Society
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Download file to see previous pages The PR works to establish a link between the public or the prospective customers and the business.
Media relations is by far the most common and most convenient PR tool used to provide an effective reach out to the customers of businesses and the general public. This form of PR makes it easy for the public to receive relevant information from across the society and beyond thereby bringing about exposure and awareness. My choice of the PR closely attributes to the controversies that surround the media system in the contemporary world. The aggressive entry of social media into the PR system has complicated issues and has brought more sophistication than success owing to abuse and misuse.
The article, “Challenges of The Information Society and Public Relations,” by Palevska has provided an imperative insight. It explores into the dire constraints that come along with continued innovations in the information society and how it influences the public relations. By reading the article, I have established an understanding of the intrinsic link between information society and public relations. The scenario is applicable in all parts of the world, and other journalists and public relation officers can replicate in other parts of the world. Concerning my specific focus of the concept of media relations and its scope, the article has added into my knowledge, another dimension of the link between information systematics and likely influence on public relations (Palevska, 2012).
In my opinion, the article has attempted to offer an insight into some of the conflicting scenarios likely to exist between public relations and the information society. The information society rapidly evolves with the changing dimensions in technological advancement. As such, information delivery and reach up tend to depend on the level of innovativeness a company has relative to its competitors. PR is fast evolving from a primitive and less focus on technology use to a more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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