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The Influence of Computers, Interactive Games, and the Internet on a Childs Multicultural Worldview - Essay Example

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In fact, it is not just learning but also interaction that has been made possible. This is because communication between two children from different cultures…
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The Influence of Computers, Interactive Games, and the Internet on a Childs Multicultural Worldview
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According to the author of the above article, parents ought to allow children make their own discoveries about other cultures as opposed to trying to make them understand. In a society where multi-culture exists, children have an opportunity to help reduce cases of stereotyping if only parents let them hobnob with other children. However, many times, parents tend to teach children about other cultures and in the process extend the discrimination to them. Teachers play a significant role in ensuring the maximum benefits of these games (Shaw and Linebarger, p.334).
While there is a debate as to whether computers affect children negatively, Shaw and Linebarger claimed that there are some applications specifically developed for learning purposes. For instance, edutainment is an application created solely for learning purposes. Console and Apple games are others, which fit, in a similar category. In order for these games to be effective in the learning process, Shaw and Linebarger suggested that “games used in schools should present authentic challenges, allow exploration of alternative possibilities and consequences, imbue cultural appropriateness, and provide meaning and opportunities for reflection” (p.336).
Notwithstanding this suggestion, the challenge has been on how to allow the children use the gadgets on their own. Shaw and Linebarger stated that for these gadgets to be useful, it is imperative for the children to be allowed to explore various cultures without having to worry about reprisal (p.337). The importance of this option is that it allows the children fully understand other cultures. Moreover, their own perceptions towards other cultures are normally challenged thus helping in cultural prejudices.
However, in the midst of all these benefits of the games and other computer application lies the danger of children identifying themselves with the cultures in the games. Interestingly, children tend to identify themselves with these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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