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The Israeli and Palestinian war has occupied a unique place in the media coverage with the authors and editors trying to keep the world up to date with the developments in both Israel and…
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Comm paper
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Download file to see previous pages New York Times has been following the events surrounding the Israeli and the Hamas war that has caught the attention of the media, humanitarian groups, international organizations, and the world at large. On July 23rd the New York Times recorded that the Hamas were gambling on the war while they were suffering from the casualties at Gaza. The author Anna Barnard stated that when the Hamas attacked the Israeli by sending the barrage of rockets into Israel, they attracted hostility from the Israeli thus leading to the back and forth attacks between the two fighting groups. This statement sought to provide information on the developments that have taken place since the eruption of the war. The developments engulfing the war are well highlighted in the newspaper with the author exploring on the new war tactics. However, the author fails to connect us with the information on the past events leading to the current state. The statement concerning the counter attacks has also received criticism with critics arguing that the information is not true, but rather based on war propaganda. This argument brings the sources of the article into question. The sources used by the editor have no factual basis, which narrows the validity of the author’s arguments.
New York Times newspaper recorded on July 18, 2014 that the Hamas rockets in Israel are the Hamas’ response to Israeli soldiers’ extensive attacks and operations on the Gaza strip. The author further writes that Israeli and the rest of the international community have put prohibitive obstacles to Palestinian government thus making the Hamas more violent. The author provides a clear connection of events surrounding the war. The author provides background information that makes it interesting even to his casual readers. A reader reading the story for the first time can easily link the events taking place by looking at the cause factors. Additionally, the author ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Comm Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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