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Media for decades have been dominated by the whites whether in the news or in the entertainment scene. The minority groups such as Black Americans if are ever featured in the television and…
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Initial topic proposal
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Download file to see previous pages It is so bad that the ethnic difference itself becomes a cause of conflict because unidimensional and simplistic presentation of conflict between ethnic groups. This topic is important because the negative representation of the minority groups is the major source of conflict between ethnic groups. Moreover, media as the societal mirror play an important role in shaping social functions of the society, as well as the perception of the public towards several issues. In addition, portrayal of diversity in media programs make the public develop a positive attitude towards the minority groups while misrepresentation and underrepresentation lead to a negative attitude towards the minority groups.
Racial profiling is an enduring culture since the days of our ancestors that has dominated the social society to date. This means that several elements of the society including media are widely influenced by racial profiling. In a The Criminalisation of Ethnic Groups: An Issue for Media Analysis, Marcello Maneri & Jessika ter Wal (2005) reveal the composition of newsrooms reflect on an unequal distribution of power between the White majority and the Black minority. This prejudice and discrimination within the newsrooms produce the stereotyped portrayals of racial groups in the media. In another article titled A Long Way to Go: Minorities and the Media, the author expands on the view that media is the number one teacher of stereotype in the community whether intentional or unintentional (Cort, 2011). The media has a powerful image on the public, and thus, the image they portray of the minority groups is what other people in indirect contact with this group take to be true. Furthermore, he notes that depicting the minority groups negatively by the media has driven them to create their own shows, magazines, radio, newspapers, and television shows where they can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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