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Human rights abuses and violations of international law in Israel-Gaza war - Article Example

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The Israeli Supreme Court granted authority to the Israeli State to make a decision when a specific need of the civilians in Gaza was ‘important’, while implementing the state’s stance supporting security to the detriment of the Gaza peoples’ humanitarian requirements if…
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Human rights abuses and violations of international law in Israel-Gaza war
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Extract of sample "Human rights abuses and violations of international law in Israel-Gaza war"

Download file to see previous pages Israel is waging a war of self-defense against a “terrorist organization” (the Hamas authority) and, hence, is obligated to protect its security whilst meeting the “vital needs” of the civilian population of Gaza. Were these needs at odds with security, priority was to be given to security.
Apparently, the Israeli Supreme Court resolved that the Gaza Strip was not occupied by Israel on the basis of the closure of Israeli military rule and the temporary existence of Israeli combatants in Gaza. Therefore, the court decided that, “Israel no longer has effective control over what takes place within the territory of the Gaza Strip” (Davis & Kirk 128) and, thus, “has no general obligation to care for the welfare of the residents of the Strip…” (Mukhimer 33). Basically, the court believed that the widening of the occupation to a certain territory necessitates the recognition of the right to ‘permanent presence’ of soldiers and hostile armed forces in that territory (Davis & Kirk 128-9). Such facts only show that the Israeli state is in clear violation of the legal rights of the Gaza Strip.
Violation of the laws of war by the Israeli army involved drone-propelled missile assaults that took the life of several civilians. Hamas and other Palestinian militias encroached upon the laws of war through rocket-launched attacks intentionally or extensively to civilian territories in Israel (Garlasco 59). Furthermore, both Hamas and Israel keep on violating international humanitarian law. Palestinian armies have loosened up but did not cease their wholesale rocket attacks against Israel. Israel is seriously limiting the import of needed supplies for rebuilding into Gaza. After the hostilities, civilians in Gaza have been incapable of restoring their devastated houses and infrastructures. Insofar as right to self-defense is involved, the UN Charter stated that the right to self-defense is an “inherent right of [the] state” (Meloni & Tognoni ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Rights Abuses and Violations of International Law in Israel-Gaza Article.
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