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All users can benefit from it, depending on their specialty, ability, and other circumstances that make world a merely small village (Saud & Khan, 2013). This poses a challenge to companies and organizations in the…
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MA thesis proposal
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Download file to see previous pages Social media plays an important role in public relations department in private and public sectors. Internet service is not limited to entertainment and information but moves on to providing electronic services. The government of Saudi Arabia has, for example, realized the importance of internet and has given it special attention. Public relations specialists also believe, according to Alenizi, that internet applications have a high ability to elevate work quality and speed of the organization to deliver services to their customers. A study by Alshehri also shows that the use of electronic application contributes in minimizing the cost and elevating the quality of production (Jenaibi, 2013). Consequently, and according to, an electronic government program drawn from the royal decree number 7/b/23181 in 2003 stated that all government entities have to provide electronic services through the ministry of communication and information technology (Saud & Khan, 2013).
Saud and Khan (2013) showed that the use of social media in Saudi Arabia is rising with increase in the access to mobile phones. In 2012, the number of Facebook users in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was 6 million and in 2013, the number increased to 7.8 million. Similarly, Saudi twitter users increased from three million in 2012 to five million in 2013. The country’s use of Instagram increased from 4 million users in 2012 to 5.7 million in 2013. According to Shorkey and Uebel (2014), many companies in Saudi Arabia, public and private, use social media for marketing. The study highlighted Flynas, STC, McDonald’s and Toyota as the top brands on Facebook. Jenaibi (2013) highlights Aramco, SABIC and STC as the top ranking companies on Twitter. Companies that deal in cosmetics and cars are the ones that rank high in the use of Instagram in Saudi Arabia. A single privately owned company in the country can have up to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MA Thesis Proposal Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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