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Privacy protection policies - Essay Example

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The aim of the paper “Privacy Protection Policy” is to analyze the concept of ethics in media and a number of rules which every journalist has to stick to. The international principles were approved at advisory meetings of a number of the organizations from 1978 to 1983. …
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Privacy protection policies
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Download file to see previous pages Truthfulness. Journalists need to demonstrate truthful, reliable information. This means refusing from false or made-up reports. This may oblige news journalists by representing the facts as well as the setting encompassing them. Truthfulness presupposes cooperation between a reporter and an organization for which he works (Media ethics).Clashes of interests.  Sometimes the interests of corporation that owns media may contradict with the information reported. It requires from journalists to be cautious and objective with information. Sometimes it is rather difficult not to give favors to the employer company, however, journalists have to mind objectivity before personal interests.Sensationalism. Media in some cases underline the news that is capturing yet insignificant. This happens when news organizations strive to attract new audience and satisfy crowds more than investigate the urgent issues of the day. This can happen in light of the expanded pace of the news business achieved by high quality TV, the Internet concentrating on benefits. Photographs. Photographs could be among the most disputable media materials, both due to their content and in light of the fact that they might be adjusted with the help of software (Media ethics).The issue of private information is also very sensitive I media. Private information is the information which is not known to anyone except its owner. The person can expect the facts will not become publicly accessible since they are normally delicate somehow. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Privacy Protection Policies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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Email and Internet use and Privacy Policies have access to approximately everything such as worker records or whatsoever he/she sends.  Generally employees make the following assumptions about their privacy at work: (FindLaw, 2011; Herold, 2009) Employees generally suppose that the business has established various measures to maintain the privacy policies have been placed on the websites related to their business. Employees think that retailers those have been subcontracted by the company for the purpose of management otherwise dispensation have protection prepared to secure the workplace. Employees as well think that everybody within the company recognizes about their website privacy...
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DISSERTATION ON VIRAL MARKETING OF FMCG: CONSUMER PRIVACY / DATA PROTECTION a majority of businesses that collect data information; which can easily identify the specific individual to a specific customer, computer or other technological device like phones. • Companies have to adapt the privacy protection strategy into their business premises. This includes data protection and accuracy. • Companies ought to simplify customer choice with standardised and less lengthy privacy disclosures that are easy to understand. Conventionally, companies had been making use of the “notice-and-choice” model. This model has proved to be unsuccessful according to (Rappaport, 2007: 135-141) as it resulted to complicated privacy/ data...
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When employees are at the workplace, the main emphasis is normally given on improving the overall productivity and employee performance. E-mail and internet use among employees at the workplace have created issues that it is merely a time consuming and moreover, there can be issues of misuse as well. Employees may share the company matters with others or through social media like twitter or facebook and this adversely affect the company. Telstra, an Australian Carrier, and media company with 49000 employees have become an example of an organization that brought set of rules and regulations for employees regarding internet use (Peter Williams, July 2009). Internet policy is guidelines and instructions given to the employees regard...
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