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They play a huge part in financing the media and the sector at large (Barthes 54). Clothing advertising is an excellent example of image producing media. This paper follows the analysis of Armani clothing line advertisement…
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COM 143Week 13: Semiotic Ad Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Using the included sample of Armani advert from Armani exchange magazine, semiotic examination will be carried out of the signs and texts for analysis and how Armani as a company strives to seize the potential and non-potential customers using advertisements.
Advertising so often what fuels and supports much of the media content. Advertisements are everywhere and tend to affect and create a relation to almost every aspect of an individuals lifestyle. Semiotic analysis of advertisements assumes that meanings on advertisements are designed to shape significance of reality (Barthes 82). They encourage people to see themselves, the service and product being advertised and aspects of the social world in terms of mythic implications that the advertisements promote. Myths and narratives play a vital role in generating and maintaining identity and social beliefs (95). Many contemporary advertisements do not necessarily ask customers to buy the products, they seem to be more concerned with amusing and presenting their unique puzzle and demonstrating their complexity and innovativeness in the way they have been created and the message, they purport to communicate.
To study advertisements closely in semiotic terms, there is a need for each to be separated from their environment. Visual and linguistic signs need to be identified to see how paradigmatically the signs have been arranged and the relation with each other through their various codding systems. It is also necessary to identify what social myth the advertisement promotes and whether the myths are challenged or not (79). Individuals have different views and the ability to decode when they look at an advert. Linguistic signs an iconic signs all contribute to cumulative meaning and code of an advertisement. Such signs and code denote something, people or objects that they present.
With a focus on the attached advertisements from vogue magazine September 2013, there are two photos for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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