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A writer of the paper "Saudi Arabia: Cultural Preferences and Communication Patterns" reports that its culture presents a complex communication style that affects the communication campaigns. This essay evaluates the way culture influences communication…
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Saudi Arabia: Cultural Preferences and Communication Patterns
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Download file to see previous pages In Saudi Arabia, the population uses both verbal and non-verbal communication to express themselves. Zaharna (244) states that the Arabians prefer to use indirect methods of communication to pass their messages. They use both body language and words to express their message to the recipient. As a result, they do not have direct words, often go around an issue, and expect the recipient to discover the meaning from the context. Non-verbal communication refers to the use of wide range of behavior patterns to express a message. Arabians are fond of using facial expressions to add emotions to the messages that they pass. On Rhetoric perspective of communication, the Arabians prefer to use non-linear methods of communication to build the message they intend to pass. This logical construction of message requires that the listener pay attention to the imagery to decode the intended message. These characteristics of communication make the nature of communication in Saudi Arabia complex than that of western countries. The cultural profile of the Arabian culture influences communication in a great way. The Arabians are conservative in nature and prefer to stick with their traditions in every way. The society is male-dominated and men speak more than women do, as the traditional culture provides. In addition, this society has conserved the Muslim religion, as the government has not granted freedom of worship in this country (Zaharna 245). In such a society that is not time oriented, a complex communication matrix exists. Although the media has proliferated in this society, it is under strict censorship by the government. The media role lies in promoting national unity in the country. However, the media does not have much influence on the political and legal realms in the country. As a result, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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