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First Amendment Case - Essay Example

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They will become a model for future cases such as this, making a legal precedent when deciding the controversial offense of pornography.The Supreme Court of California upheld Miller vs. California, saying that pornography…
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First Amendment Case
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Download file to see previous pages It was earlier decided and the lower court ruled that the campaign is illegal. The Supreme Court confirmed this decision after hearing the appeal of the case. The reason of the high court is simple: the materials are considered pornographic and therefore, it must be regulated.
There is another case which was decided on the same day. This is Paris Adult Theatre I v. Slaton. The court upheld an injunction against the showing of adult films in Paris Adult Theatre, saying that pornographic exhibition is not legal and not permissible despite the involvement of consenting adults both in the production and showing of said materials. Both the rulings cited the offensive impact of pornographic materials and decided that the interest of the community is more important over unclear claim to First Amendment protection.
The question now is whether the courts are correct in its decisions. Is it right to assume that the sexually explicit materials are what the decision called as “patently offensive” and could harm the community? Is it correct to make them illegal?
The issue is quite controversial and it divides the opinion of the public. There is a significant portion of America that approves. But there are also people that raise questions about the rulings because they think it will lead to repression and censorship.
First, let us go to the concept cited in the decisions, which is “patently offensive”. Both of the rulings cited this and it became a huge part in the court judgments. It was argued that patently offensive materials must be made illegal to protect the community and the interest of the citizens. Both the court decisions recognized one important fact however. At present, there are no standards or laws that present the criteria that could determine if a material is offensive and illegal. What the court did was just determine it on its own. One should remember that there is no law that covers this issue in America. There is, therefore, no legal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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First Amendment

...of enforcing indistinct rules against racial or sexual harassment. Administration interprets these rules to include any speech that offends minority groups and enforce it with no facade of fairness. Their imprecision infringe not only students' First Amendment rights but may violate contractual rights in the case of private universities that publicize themselves as dedicated to liberated and open debate. Last but not the least, campus censors consign a basic error in assuming that fidelity to civil liberties requires protecting traditionally subordinated factions from harsh stance by repressing the civil liberties of others. They both recognize that public speech is being affected. Both...
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...and the spreading of dissension in wartime. Thus, the Court's majority has remained firm - the First Amendment rights are not absolute. Only two Supreme Court justices, Justice Hugo Black and Justice William O. Douglas, insisted the First Amendment rights are absolute and their dissenting opinions fell to the wayside. Most court cases involving the First Amendment involve weighing two concerns: public vs. private. Also, the Supreme Court has often defined certain speech, also known as "at risk speech," as being unprotected by the First Amendment (Corwin 56). Freedom of speech and...
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Here, Las Vegas is attempting to assert that a public street is a private place and the notion flies in the face of the first amendment. If the city of Las Vegas regulates the content of the expression, there must be a compelling state interest and must be narrowly written to achieve that interest. Perry Education Ass'n v. Perry Local Educators' Ass'n, 460 U.S. 37 (1983). Restrictions on speech in a public forum will likely also be upheld if the expressive activity being regulated is a type that is not entitled to full First Amendment protection, such as obscenity. Laws that regulate the time, manner, and place, but not content, of speech in a public forum receive less scrutiny by the Court than do laws that restrict the content o...
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...televisions when they express their view on air (OBrien & Collins, 2010). There are categories of speech that for governance reasons are not protected by the first amendment. The advocacy is one such category, in this case the state may not forbid or advocate use of force or violation of the constitutional right to free press or free speech except where such advocacy may incite or promote lawless action. Another unprotected category is fighting words or words that when used in free speech would promote the recipient to commit acts of violence or lawlessness (OBrien & Collins, 2010). Commercial speech is defined by the Supreme Court as speech where the speaker engages in commerce or...
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...affiliations could only be assured by limiting the right to free speech. Even the Supreme Court in many cases that came before it has recognized the need to limit the right to free speech. For instance in Chaplinsky vs. New Hampshire, the Supreme Court restrained the use of such language and words that could lead to violence (Parker 85). In another case that is Miller vs. California, the Supreme Court extended a majority opinion that divested the obscene comments and language of the First Amendment protection (Parker 188). The verdicts in these and many other such cases amply justify the need to limit the First...
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