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Relationship amalysis paper - Essay Example

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Although I have maintained a good relationship with him, communication has been the major factor that has helped bring the…
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Relationship amalysis paper
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Download file to see previous pages Perhaps the constant communication that we have nurtured over the months could be responsible for the harmonious relationship that we have had. Essentially, H and I have been good friends since we first stepped into the same room. This actually means that even though we have had difficulties in our relationship at given occasions, we have always injected concerted efforts to make the relationship successful. Since H and I share the same room but not the same course, we rarely spend time together unless it is a weekend or in occasions where both of us are free at the same time. With this in mind, it is worthy to note that our relationship had had its successes in the same measures it has had its failures.
Speaking of failures, it is important to note that H and I have had our fair share of communication problems in our relationship. Essentially, H is an international student meaning that he studies English as a second language. In this respect, there is always communication breakdown due to some elements of language barrier. Since H is very fluent in Chinese and not eloquent in the English language, we had had to seek a third party for interpretation of certain phrases and concepts. In the spirit of improving on this, H and I have resolved to incorporate more of sign language in addition to him registering for English classes that would lead to improvement in his spoken and written English. Besides the challenge of language barrier, I have to confess that my friend H is high-tempered and had poor listening skills. This has really hampered our relationship in the sense that sometimes he misconstrues what I say to him and this has particularly led to great confrontations in the past especially considering his bad temper. His poor listening skill has always landed my relationship with him into the murky waters in the sense that we almost broke up our relationship in the last two months. I have tried to improve on this challenge by minimizing the level ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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