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Major News Story #1 of 4: PROFILE - Assignment Example

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More so, it enables her to interact with different people from diverse cultures. But, wait, do not judge her yet, there is more to this story.
The 59-year old…
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Major News Story #1 of 4: PROFILE
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Download file to see previous pages The history of rug hooking is traced to have emerged from North America in the early years of the 18th century. Despite the requirement of a drawing prior to making the rug hooking designs, Jolene is such an original artist and never uses those drawings to make her items.
“I attribute my original work to my great talent that I discovered in my teenage years. I do not need to depend on other people’s drawings to come up with creative designs in rug-hooking,” says Jolene who asserts that she is an artist and not a crafter.
She got attracted to the art of rug hooking from her father. Her father underwent a leg surgery when she was a teenager, and used to do it in his recuperation process at home. This is when Jolene became captivated by the art and started to practice it. Little did she know that it was her turning point and a discovery phase of her talent.
It is through the designs that her father designed at home that she observed and learnt a few skills to start making her own. In 1991, something happened that completely changed her passion for art, and especially rug hooking. She stumbled over a store that sold rug-hooking materials during her rounds in the city. “That instant was simply a fountain of joy after a long season of oblivion. It was just an out-of-this world moment having discovered a store that could supply me with the materials for my rug-hooking passion,” said Jolene, who is a mother of three children now.
It was during that time when she plunged fully into making rug-hooking designs. This is the period that she exploited all her potentials, used all her imaginations to design the best rug hooking items in town. It was a talent that she was not aware of, but that manifested itself very well.
After a considerable time in doing rug hooking, she felt it was important to give back to the society. That is when she decided to start giving free lessons to different people on the art, with he aim that they could help ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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