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Youth Culture and Moral Panic Portfolio - Essay Example

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In the paper “Youth Culture and Moral Panic Portfolio” the author analyses moral panics, which are experienced when the media and the society link to youth culture. Part of this debate is the simultaneous fixation with the presumption of the youth spread by public…
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Youth Culture and Moral Panic Portfolio
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Extract of sample "Youth Culture and Moral Panic Portfolio"

Download file to see previous pages This has left the public ill-prepared to consider the vital greater changes that affect identities across different ages.
In his work, “Folk Devils and Moral Panics,” Stanley Cohen first introduced the term “moral panic” to refer to the idea as an irregular episode, which when it happens, subjects the society to spells of worry about the principles and values which it upholds that may be a threat. He described its features as “a situation, group, person, or episode who are viewed as a threat to societal interests and values” (Cohen, 1980). The “amplifications” that are portrayed by the media serve to appeal to the public to concur with pre-existing opinions on the course of action to be carried out. These opinions are frequently found among members of the “moral barricade” like the editors, bishops, and politicians. Combined with the views of the “experts” who are driven to offer their diagnosis, they come to a consensus on how to cope with the situation and the problem either deteriorates or disappears.
Even though Cohen in his findings state that the media often exaggerated the occurrences and consequently inciting the panic to be assimilated by the police, some of these panics cause more serious consequences in the society. It is significant to note that “moral panics” are not just developed by the newspapers, but on many occasions they are debated in the papers. For example, the Guardian in 1993 stated, “The moral panic and the Facts”, an article that discussed a Conservative Party Conference on welfare expenses turned to be a moral panic on the side of single mothers.
The single women thought they were being blamed for unruly youth. Ironically, the media criticized this conference for concentrating on myths which had been dealt with some time back in a Cabinet briefing paper, yet they themselves were accused of partaking in weird hunts.
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Youth Culture and Moral Panic Portfolio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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