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PR Campaign - Essay Example

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The starlet will need to be exposed more to the public in order to market herself. As her preferred company, she has approached us to implement a strategy to…
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PR Campaign
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Download file to see previous pages The company’s strategy will involve a research analysis of the prevailing popularity and potential improvements to be made. In addition, it will focus on how to engage in creating public awareness, the mode of communication and the evaluation of the entire process. The goal of the entire campaign should be the efficient expression of Ashley Braddock’s talents and gifts.
Building the audience is one of the major strategies to achieving the results. The audience should be drawn from people of diverse ages, social and economic classes. In particular, we endeavor to begin our campaign by reaching out to the middle class. The middle class are capable of exciting the masses hence building her reputation. The middle class are the majority in the population, therefore targeting them will increase the chances of success by a big margin. The middle class people have lavish spending patterns on leisure and are easy to reach. Another from of audience will be drawn from the peers, institutions will provide a platform for a reach out to the young in lower grades, high schools and colleges.
The ultimate goal of the campaign shall be to build a lasting image to the public on the uniqueness of Ashley’s gifts and talents. The company will be confined to make maximum use of the $ 75,000 to achieve the goal. Another goal will be to see a stepwise development of the public perception about the starlet; this shall be achieved through the frequent evaluations to be done on the extent of achievement. The campaign will have to establish a mechanism of reaching out to the masses; this goal is captured clearly under the strategies. The other issue will involve management of the starlets’ time and opportunities to ensure that maximum utilization of each is achieved. Finally, the company will have an obligation managing Ashley’s public figure in order to shield her from the negative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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PR Campaign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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