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Media Fast Assignment - Essay Example

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This was the instruction of the media fast assignment; which was to be carried out in approximately 48 consecutive hours.
Before I started the media fast assignment, I was…
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Media Fast Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages During the first 48 hours without the media screens, I was so excited. I indulged in other activities; for instance mowing my lawn, and reading a novel which I bought and never opened its pages. As time progressed, my excitement turned into boredom. I got bored and wished for screen media; I anticipated the end of the 48 hours. After the 48 hours without the media, I was relieved to resume my regular life with media screens.
Challenges encountered during the media fast assignment entailed media activities that were very difficult to avoid. These challenges focused on media activities that I found very hard to avoid. I had difficulty in avoiding texting, using the internet via my laptop, and watching my favorite series which coincided with the media fast period.
These media activities were very difficult to avoid because I have a habit of using these media devices often. My life is centered on the media devices; doing away with them for 48 hours was torturing, although I was excited initially. I did not carefully access the experience that I was going to go through. I had no idea that I was not prepared for this experience.
I usually use the media for communication purposes as well as entertainment purposes. I have a habit of texting my friends, and using the internet to communicate with my friends via social sites; like facebook, twitter and Linkedin. For communication purposes with my friends, I opted to give myself some alone time. I mowed my lawn and cleaned up the house.
I thought that staying away from the media communication segment with my friends would do me good as I now had time to contemplate on my life and my surroundings. This alternative worked well for me as I managed to clean up my house all by myself without seeking assistance. Usually, I seek assistance from companies that offer cleaning services. In one, way, I was able to save up my money and clean up my own mess.
I am addicted to the television movies and series; I even have my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Media Fast Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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