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Jordan as a Cultural Destination - Research Paper Example

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The author of the paper promotes Jordan as a cultural destination being the only open-air museum in the world. The author claims besides the magnificent world heritage sites that put Jordan as one of the most historical tourist destinations in the world, the Amman Citadel Festival, and other cultural events do bestow Jordan a unique identity…
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Jordan as a Cultural Destination
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Download file to see previous pages The organizer of the said event was the Friends of the Jordan Festivals, which is a non-profit organization that tirelessly strives to promote Jordan as an ideal cultural destination.
The Friends of the Jordan Festivals (FJF) was formed by individuals and groups that possess a deep-seated passion for culture and the arts, and are committed to the goal of making Jordan the topnotch cultural destination in the world. FJF organizes a variety of cultural events for a varied mix of entertainment audiences. FJF exerts its greatest effort to make King Abdullah’s vision a reality. King Abdullah aims to transform Jordan into a first-class economic and touristic destination. Besides satisfying local tastes for culture and arts, FJF aspires to create globally renowned entertainment products. However, FJF is not the first organization to try to boost the country’s cultural scene for local and international consumption; yet, it is considered to be the most successful among those that attempted to form and launch the same ideas.
The unending commitment of FJF to the success of Jordan in tourism and cultural promotion is revealed in its triumphant organization of major cultural events, such as the 2010 Jordan Festival, the Cirque du Soleil, Saltimbanco Show, Cirque de Glace, and the Evolution Show. And on July 2013, FJF publicized the opening of the Amman Citadel Festival for this year. The Festival showed off the finest artists of Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries. FJF organizes both major and minor cultural events at leading heritage sites in order to show to the world the richness of the country’s history and culture.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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