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Communications: Interests, Experiences, Goals - Essay Example

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I am writing to express my interest in communications as a student and to illustrate the experiences I have had in the field of communication, my personal goals, and how your interests and experiences in communications will help you attain your desired goals. I am passionate…
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Communications: Interests, Experiences, Goals
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Download file to see previous pages For some time now, my involvement with communications and media has been palpable in numerous aspects, especially in public relations, advertising and marketing. Am certain and feel confident that through my continuous studies, I will achieve my goals and with my experience in marketing, content management, and business administration, I will be able to attain your desired goals.
Through my experience in Communications, I developed enthusiasm to further my qualification. Through aspiring to further my studies, I will alleviate my family and me from financial constraints that we have experience from my childhood. I come from a humble background and I may not be able to afford the currently estimated costs of furthering my studies, however, I would grab any opportunity of scholarship that comes my way. My parents had a small retail store. This is what sustained us throughout. I helped their business develop and flourish. I today believe that my studies in Communication and experience will not only help me achieve my goals and hope of being synonymous with communications and media, but also support my family through the retail store.
My interest in communications has seen me engage in various studies related to media and communications. This is coupled with my involvement in marketing and public relations, which has helped whet my appetite for further studies. I would like to take the next step by furthering my studies in order to achieve my career goals in communication and media studies. In deed communication has been a big part of both my academic and personal life, and anything that will further my communications studies will obviously help me in my future career in the communications and media world.
Communications has shaped my life, for example, through my work at the retail store, I became skilled at communicating efficiently with people, to pay attention to their needs and requests, these early practices set ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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