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Saudi Females Experience Between the United States and Saudi Arabia - Research Paper Example

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Many students will portray a variety of mixed reactions towards the experiences. While most of the students find the variations in climatic conditions quite challenging to adapt to, others will…
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Saudi Females Experience Between the United States and Saudi Arabia
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Extract of sample "Saudi Females Experience Between the United States and Saudi Arabia"

Download file to see previous pages ent of Saudi Arabia, thousands of Arabian youth have moved to the US to study under the scholarship named “King Abdullah’s Scholarship Program.” Half of these people are young ladies, who the government, in an attempt to empower the female gender in line with the global requirements. Some came at a tender age, after completion of their secondary education, while others came at an advanced age of their youth, at tender ages of their marriages. An argument can be raised that the variations in the experiences among these scholars lie on their age. However, the reasons for coming to study could also be a reason for the reactions. This paper focuses on the experiences of the female Saudi Arabia women in the US, by reviewing literatures done by various scholars and newspaper articles.
The inception of “King Abdullah Scholarship Program” was supposed to give as many Saudi Arabian citizens education opportunities as possible, all over the world. According to Newswire, (2007) students who were to benefit under the scholarship would be provided with full tuition fees, a living stipend, books and computer allowances. The purpose of this move was to make sure that no student who qualified for the program was left out due to financial constraints.
Applications for the programme are either done directly or student nomination through a professor. Since the inception of the program, has been successful if the number of Saudi Arabians who have benefited through the program is anything to go by. Statistics reveal that in 2010, 1984 high school students were selected to join in the program to pursue bachelors’ degree, while 6736 students were chosen to join masters’ programme, as doctorate degree beneficiaries were a total of 1283 (Newswire, 2010). The high number of people being chosen to join the programme is an indication of its success and citizens’ willingness to study.
The United States and United Kingdom colleges and universities are classified as some of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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