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Our leaders now believe that the best way to control a perceived “drug problem” is to simply allow for government regulation of a substance like Marijuana. Their reason is…
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Against the legalization of marijuana
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Download file to see previous pages Lots of good that government regulation did for our society. Lung cancer is still a major killer in the 21st century. But I digress.
Going back to the discussion about Marijuana. The Republican party members themselves do not believe that the leafy addictive stimulant should be legalized. Back during the presidential campaign of 2012, then Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney explained that he was against the legalization of Marijuana because:
It is the pathway to drug usage by our society, which is a great scourge -- which is one of the great causes of crime in our cities, and I believe we are at a state where, of course, we are very concerned about people who are suffering, and there are various means of providing pain management. (“Romney Position on Marijuana”)
The reason that Sen. Romney specifically mentions pain management and the medical use of Marijuana in his speech is because most people who lobby for the legalization of the substance do so on the basis of humanitarian reasons based upon medical needs. However, the medical community has already done extensive studies on the matter and have discovered that most of the previous beliefs about the benefits of medical Marijuana were not exactly accurate. As medical doctors, these healers are bound by their oath to preserve the life of their patient and to enact treatments that will not harm the patient. Medical practitioners thought that controlled use of Marijuana among their end of life stage of patients or patients with chronic pain would help ease their suffering. However, it was discovered by the Institute of Medicine in their report titled “Medicine: Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science base (Stanford, Mark PhD. “Contraindications & Standards of Care A Review of the Literature”) that:
4. While early literature suggests some potential benefits if marijuana for the treatment of glaucoma, nausea, and muscle spasms, by today’s standards ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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