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The Young Victoria (Movie, 2008) as an example of Symbolic Activity and Performance Theories - Essay Example

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This film is based on the early reign and life of Queen Victoria and her marriage to Prince Albert, her first cousin. This film begins with some on-screen text about the…
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The Young Victoria (Movie, 2008) as an example of Symbolic Activity and Performance Theories
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Extract of sample "The Young Victoria (Movie, 2008) as an example of Symbolic Activity and Performance Theories"

Download file to see previous pages He then realizes that the Queen exerts little influence over her daughter, something that makes him have Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, his nephew seduce Victoria. King Leopold 1 then ordered Baron Stockmar to help Prince Albert learn Victoria’s interest such as her favorite music, opera and novels (Vallée 08:58). The King’s family is then invited into the Duchess household where Albert and Victoria eventually develop an interest for one another. The rest of the movie then revolves around Queen Victoria’s reign and her marriage to Prince Albert. Therefore, this paper primarily focuses on illustrating how this film is as an example of symbolic activity and performance theories.
According to Burke, life is a drama that involves conflict and division, which threatens some existing order (Wood 104). This idea applies to a number of scenes in the film. For instance, little Victoria is deeply unhappy with her lifestyle and strict rules imposed on her. She claims that the palace itself seems to be a prison (Vallée 01:44). This is because of the chill that fills the rooms and coldness that largely emanate from her close adviser and the duchess. She is also isolated from other children with her company mainly comprising of servants. She is trying to amuse herself as much as she can through watching TV and playing with the dog, but this only seems to be limited entertainment. It seems that Victoria is not satisfied with the things happening in her life at that stage. This led to a series of conflict between her mother, close adviser and herself. From the film, there is a scene when Victoria tells Sir John Conroy that she is currently too smart to be controlled. However, Sir Conroy uses force to make Victoria obey her pieces of advice. In this scene, Victoria is trying to pursue perfection, which makes her guilty. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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