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Violent Media is Good for Kids by Gerard Jones - Article Example

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Gerard Jones’ article “Violent Media is Good for Kids” provides a stimulating analysis on the subject of the positive qualities of violent media and its advantages to children development. Generally, the author argues that violent media emboldens children and helps in character development. …
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Violent Media is Good for Kids by Gerard Jones
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Extract of sample "Violent Media is Good for Kids by Gerard Jones"

Download file to see previous pages Gerard Jones’ article “Violent Media is Good for Kids” provides a stimulating analysis on the subject of the positive qualities of violent media and its advantages to children development. Generally, the author argues that violent media emboldens children and helps in character development. Children exposed to violent media are more likely to be confident in life and achieve strong and confident personalities as opposed to those who are shielded from the same (Jones). Jones challenges popular assumptions that violent media automatically contributes to juvenile delinquency and violence in children. Although violent media is popularly and casually regarded as a hazard to children development, case analyses and research indicate that the same media is essential for positive socialization, emotional strength, and the development of mental and psychological defense in children.In this article, Gerard Jones effectively employs ethos, logos, contrasts, rebuttals, and language to demonstrate, in different ways, the manner in which violent media can yield multiple benefits for growing children. The ethos is the article comes out in the manner in which the author articulates his authority on the subject of the importance of violent media on children. By beginning the article in first person and relating to a personal experience, the author effectively captures the attention of the reader and buys him or her towards his perspective on the subject. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Violent Media is Good for Kids by Gerard Jones

The article, which is a very good and flowing piece of prose, presents the case well and utilizes ethos, pathos, and logos in a bid to persuade the reader that violent media is actually good for the children. Right at the onset, the author states his argument. The choice of title for the article is a testament to that. Now, what he does next tells a very personal story, thereby showing the reader that what he is asserting in his article is based on personal knowledge and experience as well. Furthermore, through reading the article, it is clear that Jones is involved in writing stories for comic books, therefore, though his personal anecdote may make his reader connect with him more, however, this fact may make his article somewhat...
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Violent Media is Good for Kids

...Summary Written by Gerard Jones, the essay d “Violent Media is Good for Kids” tries to justify that violence in media can yield positive results. In this essay, Gerard Jones says that he grew up in being too passive and lonely. His mother borrowed a comic book for him. This made him become a comic writer getting inspiration from the book. The author then brings two girls who have had great improvements in their life after being engaged into violent media. This is seen when the two overcome their problem. “Children need violent...
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...February 21, Positive Effects of Violence in Jones’ “Violent Media is Good for Kids” While some people think that media violence is bad for kids, one author asserts that violence may actually be good for kids. In “Violent Media is Good for Kids,” Gerard Jones argues that violent media is good for kids because it can help them deal with their personal anxieties. These anxieties are products of their inner desires for...
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Violent Media is only solution, as per the thinking process of the modern combustible younger generation. As such, violent media can hurt kids more than teach them something. The parents need to take a firm stand and remain clear about the values which they would like to instil in their children. Children need to be tackled with firmness and love. Let them understand that you are working for their advantage and that you have no self-interest, except their genuine welfare. You have a right on them and you own responsibility for their future. “It’s my life” may be a good song, but bad in practice. You are part of the family; part of the community; part of the country....
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Violent Media Content secure a donors heart did not go as planned but he says that the new deputy minister views things his way. He picks the gun and shoots Mr. Darmacus in the chest. Mr. Red is a corrupt, selfish and heartless man and he finds pleasure in the former minister’s death so as to get what he wants. In view of this, the moral lesson learned is to embrace royalty wisely, not necessarily in the wrongdoing but also in the right. Impact of violence on the viewers There are high chances of viewers feeling better thus at times reducing psychological tension arising when actors are engaged in some violent acts. Violence mixed with humor may be a source of potential recourses to the viewers in finding good in what may...
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...). Similarly, it is illegal in some states to sell print media with nudity or violence to under age children (Gauntlett, 90). Recommendations As part of responsibility towards the young viewers, media has many options to reduce the impact of sex and violence on the public. State should employ strong viewership restrictions on entertainment and information with instances of sex and violence. Measures should include indicating viewership of violent and sexual materials in the media to be approached by users according to their age. It will help to reduce the number of youth with access to media that can adversely affect their behavior...
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