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The Power of Images - Television and Film - Research Paper Example

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Living in the modern age we all should have a good idea of what the most significant and commonly used media are, but rarely do we promote a thought about the effects of media on our culture and what are the interrelationships between the two. Also, of particular importance is…
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The Power of Images - Television and Film
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Download file to see previous pages Like written and auditory media, there is video and audio-visual media which has gained immense popularity and importance in the recent years due to its information richness and ease of use. This includes, for example, films, photographs, videos, posters and images. These can be communicated through a wide variety of electronic channels such as TV, internet as well as non-electronic ones like signboards and public displays through which information can be transmitted to a large number of people at the same time.
Images presented through visual entertainment media can influence an individual, his personality, ambitions, rationality and feelings in a great way. And through communication with a larger audience simultaneously visual entertainment media can have a great impact on our society & cultural development, as it is becoming a mainstream form of communication technology. For media has been known to bring out major revolutions and changes in the world contemporarily. For example the foundation and coverage of Libyan Revolution through the social network (Bomberowitz, 2011). This is because the visual entertainment media in the form of TV, internet and other sources have provided the general public with greater freedom of expression opportunities, and are hence bundled with the fundamental concepts of human needs which reinforce their collective voice and afford new opportunities.
The widespread use of computers and easy availability of internet everywhere around the world has turned up many new talents and boosted peoples lifestyles in a great manner. Artists now try to engage with the people through various forms of social and visual media to exchange thoughts and promote what is good. This has surely brought a new change in American lifestyle.
Visual entertainment media in its most fundamental form is provided to us through TV. In the beginning of Television there were just ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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