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The class castle - Essay Example

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The theme of the movie is how the lives of people can be changed if they are given proper guidance and support and that if life gives you a second chance you must not waste it at…
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The class castle
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Download file to see previous pages The movie starts with seventeen-year old Michael who is homeless and living on the streets. Growing up, he had been moved from one foster home to another and now he had taken upon himself to live alone. Out of circumstances including Coach Burt Cotton’s belief that due to his imposing built Michael will prove to be an asset for the school football team, he is admitted into the private and exclusive Wingate Christian School despite his poor academic record. There, due to his childish personality and his inability to connect with people of his own age group he befriends the youngest Tuohy kid, S.J Tuohy (Jae Head).
The story begins when Michael Oher is spotted on the street wearing nothing but shorts and T-shirt in the dead of winter by a devout Christian Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock).  Leigh Anne is a strong willed woman who is an established interior designer and the franchise owner of several Taco Bells. Upon learning that Michael is one of her daughter’s classmates she invites him into her house for the night. Next morning when Michael makes to leave, Leigh Anne insists that he spend the Thanksgiving weekend with her family. What started as a gesture of kindness on Leigh Anne’s part slowly turns into something more as Michael becomes a part of the Tuohy family despite the doubts expressed by Leigh Anne’s rich friends. One of them is even strongly rebuked for trying to tell Leigh Anne that her teenage daughter Collins (Lily Collins) is not safe around him.
Leigh Anne and her easygoing husband Sean (Tim McGraw) provide Michael with all the support he needs to become a good player on the field. He has a shaky start due to his gentle nature. Leigh Anne on learning that Michael scored 98% in “protective instincts” in his career aptitude test advices the Coach to tap into his protective instincts. She makes Michael realize that the teammates are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Class Castle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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