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Response Paper: Moh Hardins A Little of Love - Book Report/Review Example

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In traditional Buddhist belief, the concept of love involves the desire to impart happiness on to others (Queen & King,…
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Response Paper: Moh Hardins A Little Book of Love
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Download file to see previous pages How love is defined in modern times and how people try to grasp its concept through various worldly means. Then as with any self-help book, he moves on to give a number of small advices on how to develop love and fully understand its meaning, and then ultimately share it with others. The author also introduces the concept of Bodhisattva or “an awake being” and his journey of “love” that begins within until he learns to extend it to others around him (Hardin, 2011).
The author begins with the age old advice of “being your own best friend.” This is a concept that people hear time and again, learn to love yourself first and the desire to love others will naturally follow. No matter how old and clichéd this advice is, there is no denying that it is indeed true. Becoming friends with yourself and acknowledging that you possess an inherent goodness can be the catalyst of a great transformation. People must love their own selves, not based on certain images and expectations which had been built, but the true being that they are. The act of loving oneself unconditionally strengthens the potential to become “awakened” and ultimately encourage the inner strength, kindness to others and the ability to extend friendship to other people.
Indeed this age old advice has never been truer; however it is also one of the most difficult advices to follow. Making peace with yourself has never been an easy feat to accomplish and the author somehow fell short in this area as he offered no advice on how to accomplish this, that is, he simply made an advice to love yourself unconditionally but he lacked suggestions on how to do so.
After the concept of loving yourself the author gives advice on loving the partners and the children. This pattern makes sense because after learning to love yourself (again not an easy task to accomplish) you move on to share this “love” with other people. Naturally, you would start with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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