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Response Paper: Thich Nhat Hanhs True Love - Book Report/Review Example

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I suppose I find contemplating on the part “Restoring Peace within Yourself” of Thích Nhất Hạnh’s “True Love” to have a great deal of relevance to life, knowing myself and the manner by which I manage my strengths and cope with my weaknesses. Hanh quotes the…
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Response Paper: Thich Nhat Hanhs True Love
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Download file to see previous pages t in the past, it has been a difficult process of acquiring relief to self when all my thoughts and feelings proceed negatively and my heart has grown hatred toward the person. Because most of my energies have been consumed on feeling, thinking, and acting with contempt in mind, I realize having very little energy left in to do other things of positive influence to my well-being
As it goes, the more I refuse to acknowledge forgiveness of myself and of the person involved, taking pride on the capacity to avenge myself from the hurt, the more that I stand on unstable grounds disturbed, unable to gain inner peace. At this stage, I have tried meditating in different places to seek the beauty and power of nature so I can be enhanced to focus more on myself and reflect on wonderful things about me. This is where I recognize Buddha’s philosophy on the object of practice being oneself and it occurs to resonate well as I allow my mind and heart to obtain a constant picture of all the remarkable traits in my character. This way, I come by degree upon degree of ease, feeling settled and secure that somewhere love is returning for myself and my thoughts cease becoming bothered by embittered grief. Once again, I am with myself because peace has been restored with the help of meditation and acceptance of truth which has altogether enabled me to be emptied of dark and heavy anguish within.
Moreover, I am equivalently inspired to learn healthy ideas from “Learning to Speak with Love Again.” According to Hanh “We must learn to speak with love again” for love of speech is something that hugely sustains an individual with positive energy leading to affection and good vibrations of communicating with others. This is particularly true in my case for I have observed a significant connection between inner peace and the potential to create a loving speech which is made possible by the strength of the peace itself. Then the author claims “Through the energy of mindfulness, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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