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Media Industry: Censorship - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the transfer of information in the society needs control especially when the information in the media is restricted or affects the moral standards of the society. One of the actions is censorship, which is indispensable in media control…
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Media Industry: Censorship
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Download file to see previous pages For music, it is assumed that music cuts across the audience from children to adults as such control is increased to be accommodative to the children. With respect to control and censorship, the target movie or song is reviewed by the copyright association and then rated on which audience group should access it. The positive results of censorship if the creation of a control media center with the audience as the key to the number of obscene scenes or words.
Control in the form of censorship has helped in the development of an upright society, where children cannot see or access pornography which in turn has allowed the children to grow up and access the same material when they are mature enough. Without censorship, the movies and songs presented in the television programs would affect the younger generation and create lawlessness. The problem of poor standards of morality in media has been in existence over the years. It was initiated in the 1960s and still practiced with state authority being forced to review the products form artist and control their transmission, or play in the media through the application of censorship.
Songs with obscene lyrics can find their way to the audience if not censored by the relevant authorities by cause incitement thus affecting peace. According to Inglis (575), several artists were censored by not allowing them to perform or not playing their music in the broadcasting house unless they change their lyrics. Some were even banned from performing after they did some actions considered immoral such as exposing their private parts during the presentation. With tough measures being taken on the culprit artists, the society is saved from morality drop or even embarrassment. No parent would want to expose is, or her child to sex, pornography or drug use, but the media, if it does not evaluate the quality of movies and songs presented to them, may still expose the children to such activities leading to failure in parenting.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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