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Research Four Articles or Develop Tactics for your Public Relations - Essay Example

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Most people and organizations have turned to using the social media to relay their ideas and communicate with their clients. The author, who is mostly concerned with…
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Research Four Articles or Develop Tactics for your Public Relations
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Download file to see previous pages s article further continues to show the situation in the institutions of higher learning whereby many stories were written and taken to well know media houses thus creating a good relation with them, but with the technology most people prefer to convey their stories directly to the audience.
This article that illustrates the future of public relation jobs argues that the personality, charming nature, and the integration of ones talent, uniqueness, being eloquent as well as endurance to various factors play a big role for the success of public relations ( Kera,2012).All these qualities need to be blended for the success of public relation. The greatest challenge is the blending of these virtues which is leading to the diminishing of public relation jobs, it goes beyond one imagination and one has to be very innovative in order to succeed in this field. Publicity mostly in this industry plays a vital role for ones success. For example, Oprah Winfrey one of the most sought after public relation figures laid down a number of lessons that many people followed leading to their success in their careers. Some of the lessons included the issue of being transparent as well as the aspect of telling the truth about oneself. Another aspect is the issue of being fully knowledgeable towards the issues you are addressing besides being innovative. Innovativeness tops this list because it is one element that people embrace making it possible to analyze the situations in place.
According to this article, the future of public relations jobs is advancing in line with the technological advancements. In addition, the emergence of online blogs as this article illustrates allows some of the public relations departments and firms to extract information regarding the public opinion on some issues which they might have not gained access to or had no prior information about (Georgy, 2011). The development of software for example Bacons media map, allows the public relation professionals and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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