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MEDIA STUDIES (assignment relates to the concept of media ownership) - Essay Example

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It is essential to consider background information concerning the company. This relates to the development, strategies and business components. Apart from that, the company’s position in the corporate world should be…
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MEDIA STUDIES (assignment relates to the concept of media ownership)
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The Walt Disney Company is a media related company that shares many other interests. The company has got subsidiaries and affiliate companies. The domain of the business is, however, solely focused on entertainment. The company focuses on four segments. These three core segments entail; media interests, consumer products and studio entertainment. The fourth segment is not media related because it wanders into the hotel industry. This segment concerns resorts and parks (The Walt Disney Company 2012).
Disney studios focus on family entertainment. This is the foundation that has marketed and propelled the Disney Company. It focuses on animated films and pictures (Manheim 2002, p.143). These pictures are sometimes adapted into magazine entertainment pictures and conversation (Griffin 2000, p.6). The motion pictures employ exceptional storytelling that creates interests for new releases. Walt Disney has three worldwide acclaimed animated films. They comprise; Mickey Mouse, the Seven Dwarfs and the Snow White. The Disney studios engage several distributional channels to ease the distribution of these products. The main distribution channel is Walt Disney Pictures that also divides its role for subsidiary groups. These comprise animation studios like: Pixar, Disney Toon and Walt Disney. The Disney Toon consists of Touchstone and Hollywood pictures. The Disney Company became the parent company of Pixar when it bought it through stock exchange system. Walt Disney Pictures is the international distribution avenue for the company. The home entertainment focuses on selling rental movies to family oriented markets worldwide. Lastly, there is the Disney theatre distribution avenue that focuses on live entertainment. They are the directors of musicals such as; Disney live entertainment and the Disney Ice. Disney music group is concerned with the distribution of soundtracks and original music under ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MEDIA STUDIES (assignment Relates to the Concept of Media Ownership) Essay.
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