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A-Exploring the Influence of Modern Electronic Games - Research Paper Example

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This essay discusses that our culture has been affected positively by video games through opening up and evolution in varied ways being embraced for instance in dressing. Through video games, there is the great change in the way we stereotype gamers…
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A-Exploring the Influence of Modern Electronic Games
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Download file to see previous pages From my point of view, I think the most influential games include Final Fantasy, Mario Brothers, Grand Theft Auto and World of Warcraft.Video games are impacted by our culture through the promotion of family game night. This is done through the families having quality time for fun. Also, for educational purposes, learning which uses educational tools is encouraged. All types of academic disciplines are tested; reading skills, English skills and skills of mathematics (Favaro, 1982, p.19)). Moreover, video games are created basing on the reality of life. Therefore, through the gaming world, normal life activities like being rich, being a policeman, being a fighter among others are depicted. Lastly, through the growth and evolution of video gaming industry, there was growth for video games indicating that video games are positively impacted by our culture.
For minimization of negative effects to our culture, I believe that gaming industry has to ensure that reduction of violent content and sexual content is adhered to. In my opinion, many games which are meant for mature people are viewed by children hence the need to minimize on sexual content and violence content video games. Several games have violence content and sexual content which affect the girl child and boy child in the society; the girl child is more affected than boy child through video games. Also, more family-friendly games should be aired thus encouraging many people to watch the video games. Lastly, producers should engage in minimizing negative effects of media and maximizing positive effects of media through the production of age-appropriate programs which are designed well (Griffiths, 1991a, p.312).
The most controversial issue I have discovered is violence. Violence is portrayed as the most controversial issue in video games although other controversial issues exist such as that of Grand Theft Auto.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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