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Analysis of Outsourcing Contracts and Equity Prices Article - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper contains the analysis of the article entitled "Outsourcing Contracts and Equity Prices" written by Deepa Mani, Anitesh Barua, and Andrew Whinston, in which the researchers aim to evaluate the long-term impact of the outsourcing on business…
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Analysis of Outsourcing Contracts and Equity Prices Article
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Outsourcing Contracts and Equity Prices Article"

Download file to see previous pages In this research paper, the main research question that the article focuses is on the effectiveness of outsourcing operations. There are conflicting views on the benefits of outsourcing where some claim that the benefits of outsourcing are merely overvalued. In order to answer the main research question, the research has been divided into three parts or hypothesis.
The first hypothesis that the research makes is that outsourcing reaps better long-term returns when the contract developed is a fixed price contract. This is an important research hypothesis because, for fixed price contracts, it is easier to evaluate and monitor returns when compared to a variable price contract. Also, the hypothesis includes a condition when it states that the returns are positive only in the long run. It is difficult to understand the success of an outsourced operation in the short run given the fact that it takes time to develop a profitable outsourcing operation.
The second hypothesis that the research claims is that variable price contracts reap positive results when the business has a prior relationship with the vendor or the supplier. During the literature review, the researchers found that variable price contracts also have positive returns in certain cases. In order to evaluate this, the research puts forward this claim. Vendor association is important for better communication and risk management as per the literature review.
The third hypothesis states that for a variable price contract the, experience of the firm is important. A business firm should have experience in handling outsourcing operations before they hope to make a profit out of a variable price contract. In this hypothesis again, the researchers have focused on the benefits of a variable price contract.
In order to conduct this research, the researchers took the data from 100 firms that outsourced between 1996 and 2005. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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