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Case study 3 - Essay Example

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The available EHR incentive programs offered by both federal and state governments have simplified and promoted provision of timely and authoritative information of various services to patients. Hospitals and clinics participating in the EHR incentive programs are now capable of…
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Case study 3
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Download file to see previous pages Medicaid incentive program is administered on a voluntary basis by both the state and territories (Hsiao & Hing, 2012). Eligible professionals have a chance of participating for a period of six years, until 2021, and it is not a must for participation years to be consecutive.
Medicaid incentive program is suitable for UMUC Family Clinic for improvement of patient care as outlined in the meaningful use stage 1. The deadline for eligible professionals to start their participation is 2016; the clinic needs to concentrate on attaining the core and menu objectives and clinical quality measures (CQMs) requirements in order to receive incentives payments, of up to $63,750 under medical EHR incentive program for a period of six years (Hsiao & Hing, 2012). The program allows eligible professionals to receive incentive payments as a result of having successfully adopted, implemented or upgraded certified technology of EHR during the first year of participation as well as demonstrating meaningful use (Marcotte et al, 2012). In case the clinic will not be able to satisfy meaningful use, its profession practice will have to incur expenses of up to $21,250.00 in 2015.
Medication process at the clinic will be entered using CPOE. The technology has proved successful in keeping record of medication details of over 30% patients. The clinic will rely on medicaid incentive to increase the number of medical entry of patients using CPOE.
The clinic will rely on using certified HER technology to submit all permissible prescriptions recommended by eligible professions. The program will enable the clinic to improve on quality and safety as well as efficiency while attending to patients.
Aggregate of numerator and denominator as well as exclusions will be provided to either CMS or the state by attestation electronically. The reported information reveals clinical quality measures being undertaken by the clinic. The report is necessary for the state ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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