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IT Doesn't Matter - Essay Example

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An example in the use of the technology is in a pharmaceutical firm when it can be able to hold a patent right on a given compound that serves the basis for a group of drugs. Another example is…
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IT Doesnt Matter
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Download file to see previous pages An example of the technology is that involved in sharing tasks in building a railway so that the rail is completed in time.
Proprietary is the technology that is able to give a company a competitive advantage as long as there is protection in the production rights that the company operates on. This leads to generation of higher profits than the rivals.
IT was compared to transport system as it transmits digital information the same way as it is in transport system. The comparison is with the other modes of transport including power grids that carry electricity and railroads that carry goods. IT is more replicable and this makes it be compared to a more valuable commodity than just a byte of data. The comparison of IT to a commodity is not false, the comparison is right as the transformation that is made on the commodities can be made in IT (Harvard Business Review, 2003). Commodities are accelerated in terms of developments. Introduction of internet accelerated commoditization of IT through provision of a perfect generic application for the delivery channel.
The first argument that is given comparing IT to a commodity is that IT is a transport process that transmits digital information just like the other forms of transport such as roads and rails. IT just like the transport system is effective when shared than when it is used in separation by an individual.
The second argument that makes IT compared to a commodity is that it is highly replicable. It is hard to imagine a more perfect commodity than just a byte of data. When it is combined with technical standardization, there is production of more economical value. The concept can also be argued by through consideration of the arrival of internet that has accelerated the commoditization of IT.
The last argument that is given by Carr is that IT is subjected to rapid deflection in prize. He links this to when Gordon Moore made a prescient assertion that the density of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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IT Doesn'T Matter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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